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Life Fitness Cross Trainer

One of our Favourites! Designed to tone various body parts with a low impact motion, the cross trainer has endless benefits including increasing a healthy heart, body conditioning, calorie burning and bone strengthening.

Life Fitness Treadmill

Because sometimes it’s just too cold to run outdoors! Whether you run for pleasure or training for an event, our treadmills offer a number of different programmes to give you the right challenge for you!

Life Fitness Recumbent Bikes

Laid Back Bikes…….well not quite!! With extra focus on your bum & legs, these bikes will give you the desired results in no time!

Life Fitness Upright Bikes

Stay in the seat or stand for a climb….a variation of low impact moves will take your leg muscles to a new level.

Concept 2 Rower

Where do we begin! The number of muscles used makes rowing a huge calorie burner. You will tone your upper and lower body while promoting great joint health through the wide range of motion rowing requires. If you only have a few minutes a day, the whole body nature of rowing will provide an efficient, effective workout other exercises simply can’t reach!


Resistance Training

No Muscle is left untouched!! With a machine to cover every muscle group from head to toe, our resistance area will provide you with a full body workout, targeting areas you want to strengthen and sculpt.

Free Weight / Functional Training

Free weight Boasting one of the larger free weight areas with dumbbells up to 50kg!!…..Barbells, Multi Power Smith Machine, Cable Crossover, Olympic bars, Kettebells, Medicine Balls and training ropes, Real Gym is confident we offer everything required to provide you with the latest techniques and forms of training.

Sprint Track

Our unique 20 Metre sprint track is a fantastic addition to any training programme….as part of your interval training or just blast some sprints with a friend…this is definitely a pulse raiser!!

Abdominal Zone

A dedicated area to ‘Hit em Hard’!! As well as helping them to look good, strong abs contribute to an overall core strength. Use this area to firm up your transverse, obliques and rectus abdominis.

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